Applied Ethnography

The Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the department of contemporary anthropological studies of "Applied Anthropology» program has worked since 2008 with the aim of p>

a / analysis, publications and expert advice to promote folk culture and / or verataratsmane, p>

b / strong> A strong> nhatakan, registration and analysis of collective memory and social history of the last century through the fill materials strong> and contribute to the "white pages" discovery, strong> p>

g / Analyse the current socio-cultural developments in neighboring countries Armenia and its relationship with the people and culture, strong> p>

d / promote folk culture, publicizing, & nbsp; Strong> p>

d / personnel training and retraining. Strong> p>

great historical problems of the working group for Applied Anthropology strong> Registration for individual and family biographies, their analysis method. This gives raise to a depth of at least three and sometimes four generations of life's trajectory through history and the history of knowledge to recover a significant portion of chsharadrvats: & nbsp; This is a completely new method of historiography, which is widely used in European and US historical narratives. An individual family memories, registers / records, tekstavorum, reviews, memoirs, photo and document archive includes: p>

group of television, media presentations, interviews, meetings with schools and cultural organizers advise to carry out the festivities, weddings, family, social and cultural issues, publishes scientific and non-fiction works: p >

& nbsp; p>

& nbsp; p>

Applied Anthropology past seven years, the group has worked on a variety of subject areas, including strong> p>

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