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Zooming the City։ An Anthropological Perspective (Conference invitation)

Tue, 05/03/2022 - 09:00 to Sat, 05/07/2022 - 17:30

There are different approaches to the study of the city, most of which are usually grouped under the name "urban studies". At this conference, the problems will be considered from an anthropological point of view and will be presented in two main sections: a) anthropology of the city and b) anthropology in the city.

Anthropological approach to the study of the city is based, on the one hand, on the concept of the city as a whole, a more or less stable system (Fox, Jackson, Gulick, etc.), on the other hand, as a dense and frequently changing environment in which any anthropological problem can be considered (Low), for example, social relations, symbolic systems, economic relations, etc. 

Papers may be included in the following subsections, but are not limited to:

1․ Anthropology of the city

  • Urban identity
  • City as a process
  • A city that is not a capital
  • Urban landscape
  • Divided city
  • Image of the city
  • City mapping
  • The village in the city, the city in the village
  •  Virtual city

2․ Anthropology in the city

  • Symbolic landscape
  • City and religion
  • City games
  • City yards
  • Cinematic city
  • Urban leisure
  • Public spaces and places
  • Urban practices
  • Inner-city borders: physical and social
  • Urban subcultures
  • Ethnic city
  • Festivals in the city and City Day
  • Gender dimension of the city
  • Urban folklore and post-folklore
  • Memory sites
  • Protest movements in the urban space
  • Urban toponymy: formal and informal 
  • City in a time of pandemic
  • War time city

The conference is open to researchers, affiliated or independent. Applicants are invited to submit up to 300-word abstracts and the titles of the talks before 30 October 2021 via:, also to fill out an individual form-

Please note that selected speakers will be asked to share their papers (up to 3000 words in English) with discussants and panel chairs four weeks prior to the conference. Information on selected applications will be available before November 15th. 

The 20-minute talks may be presented in English or Armenian. Selected talks could be invited to be included in a future publication.

You can participate in the conference both online or offline if the pandemic situation and the regulations allow to organize the latter. The conference does not cover the transportation costs of the participants from other places, however, accommodation costs will be reviewed later.

If you have questions or need additional information please contact the conference coordinator Nelli Manucharyan at

For more details and updated on the conference, please follow us on our Facebook page.

Conference Organizing Committee:

Levon Abrahamian, Hasmik Knyazyan, Nelly Manucharyan, Hamlet Melkumyan, Gayane Shagoyan, Gohar Stepanyan

Send to